Bits of Pasar HelloFest

Last Minute Seamstress 2 Pak Bos Sablon fox plushies Kantung Hijau Postcards Make it Round
This is our second year in Pasar Hellofest. Still, we keep returning to the bad, old habit: not taking as many new product pictures as possible, before it's all gone. We've been holding ourselves not to over publishing before the launch date, but it's easily forgotten.
We stayed up late, a night before. Until 3 AM in the morning, to get things done. Awake at 7.30 and arrived at the bazaar around 8.30-ish I supposed. The saga of last minute seamstress continued, I was still hand-sewing the pouch string at the venue after we set up the booth. Few passerby asked for the plushies price, we randomly answered. Jules stamped the postcards, one of our fast selling items.


  1. aku menemukan booth ini hehehhehe

  2. huallloooo!!!!! :D :D :D asiknyee bisa ikutan hellofest!

  3. mau semua knick knacksnya *maruk

  4. @Belinda: Hi Belinda, terima kasih sudah melihat booth kami ya :)

    @Ojan: hehehe iya baru 2 kali ikut, tapi masih kalah sama nest of ojanto kalau soal bazaar dan jualan mah.

    @Enggar: hahahah we deliver it to Papua as well :q