Mikisi Curiosities Giveaway on Living Loving

Our friends, Nike and Miranti from Living Loving are holding giveaway for 3 lucky winners on their site. Be the owner of our grafitti pouches, which included in their cool hampers together with other awesome stuffs. To enter their 'A Crafty Weekend' giveaways you could go here.

Fixing A Hole *

(WARNING: Sorry for unpleasant picture of legs wide opened. Viewer discretion is advised)

Tack Gun
how to-1
stretch as you go
tack it near the edge
Refurbishing Screen-1

Fixing broken silkscreen is not as tough as it seems. Even I could do it on my own, but still need helping hands to stretch out before you tack the second row. Jules and I don't have a proper studio to work on our stuff yet. Our bedrooms are still quite sufficient, we've already proved that! Within an hour and a half we fixed ALL (5!) silkscreens and change another three with larger mesh. Five among them were broken during the cleansing process. Too harsh.

*) this post is a post-crossing from slorasauna