Daily Drawing zine

Selected Daily drawing zine back cover about snacks & restless hands inside 1 inside 3 inside 2 

For you who also follow Dindie's personal blog slorasauna, I bet you're quite familiar with her "Daily Drawing". If you're new, Daily Drawing is a comic of her daily life during 2011-2012. Last year she lost her latest sketch book in a bazaar, thus losing her interest to keep drawing the diary.

To commemorate her prior sketchbook, the printed version of selected daily drawings, IS NOW FOR SALE! These first editions of twelve was launched last weekend on Dindie's instagram.

Price: IDR 45.000 (exclude shipping)

ONLY FOR THE LUCKY TWELVE - get freebies and special price IDR 50.000 for order in Jabodetabek and Bandung (shipping fee included)

A5 size (approximately 21 x 14,8 cm)
28 pages
full color cover 260 gr carton, black and white 100 gr HVS inside
shipped in stay-flat envelope.


Mikisi Curiosities Giveaway on Living Loving

Our friends, Nike and Miranti from Living Loving are holding giveaway for 3 lucky winners on their site. Be the owner of our grafitti pouches, which included in their cool hampers together with other awesome stuffs. To enter their 'A Crafty Weekend' giveaways you could go here.

Fixing A Hole *

(WARNING: Sorry for unpleasant picture of legs wide opened. Viewer discretion is advised)

Tack Gun
how to-1
stretch as you go
tack it near the edge
Refurbishing Screen-1

Fixing broken silkscreen is not as tough as it seems. Even I could do it on my own, but still need helping hands to stretch out before you tack the second row. Jules and I don't have a proper studio to work on our stuff yet. Our bedrooms are still quite sufficient, we've already proved that! Within an hour and a half we fixed ALL (5!) silkscreens and change another three with larger mesh. Five among them were broken during the cleansing process. Too harsh.

*) this post is a post-crossing from slorasauna


Mikisi x Anton Ismael

Mikisi x Anton Ismael 1 Mikisi Anton Ismael 2 Mikisi x Anton Ismael 3

A collaboration project between Mikisi Curiosities & Anton Ismael, one of Jakarta's renowned fashion and commercial photographer. Handbound notebook by Mikisi, art on cover by Anton Ismael (check his web: www.antonismael.com)

p.s. notebooks shown in pictures here were still untrimmed. 


Mikisi x [yournamehere] : A Collab Project

Mikisi x Vantiani Mikisi x Vantiani cover 1Mikisi x Vantiani cover 2
Stacks of notebooksSpread

We've been waiting for a year to really launch this section. Mikisi Curiosities Etc is now accepting artist collaboration project. Submit your artwork to hellomikisi@gmail.com and please state item(s) you want to work together on. Disclaimer: WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY DESIGNING REQUEST, READY ARTWORK ONLY OR LET'S CREATE THE ARTWORK TOGETHER.

Ika Vantiani's the first artist we did, two dozens of pocket notebooks with her gorgeous photographs as its covers. These charming notebooks are hand-bound in similar method as any other Mikisi's notebook with cotton thread, 32 blank pages each, 80 grams premium HVS paper in cream. 

For purchase please contact her through Twitter or visit her blog. She also has a plethora of pretty collage greeting cards, mousepads and artprints at her Etsy


Pitter-Pattern Goes My Card

Red-GreenTangramNeon Aztec
Christmas is here! You're planning to get some cards for christmas, but you don't want to be too christmas-y, or something you can still look at cheerfully past christmas. Mikisi's Pitter-Pattern cards series would be a perfect answer to your prayer. We leave the inside intentionally blank, so you can write as much as you can, regardless the time of the year.

These neon babies are available in Alun-Alun Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia during Christmas Bazaar starting from December 15, 2012-January 15,2013. They also came as note cards (smaller, sets of 3 with each pattern in a pack).


Tattoo Parlour Greeting Cards

Hello Dolly! Work your fingers out a bit to decorate with stickers (varied from "Happy Holiday", "Happy Birthday, I love you, Mom/Dad, Hello I miss you, Hello Dolly/Sailor") or your own drawings. Perfect as a christmas-or-almost-every-ocassion cards.

In each pack you will get:
1 (one) sailor/dolly blank greeting card
1 (one) tattoo sticker sheet(it's not pre-cut so you have to do some D.I.Y here)
1 (one) envelope (randomly picked: white, green or red)

Price: IDR 25.000

Colour Selection : Mint, Red, Brown