Daily Drawing zine

Selected Daily drawing zine back cover about snacks & restless hands inside 1 inside 3 inside 2 

For you who also follow Dindie's personal blog slorasauna, I bet you're quite familiar with her "Daily Drawing". If you're new, Daily Drawing is a comic of her daily life during 2011-2012. Last year she lost her latest sketch book in a bazaar, thus losing her interest to keep drawing the diary.

To commemorate her prior sketchbook, the printed version of selected daily drawings, IS NOW FOR SALE! These first editions of twelve was launched last weekend on Dindie's instagram.

Price: IDR 45.000 (exclude shipping)

ONLY FOR THE LUCKY TWELVE - get freebies and special price IDR 50.000 for order in Jabodetabek and Bandung (shipping fee included)

A5 size (approximately 21 x 14,8 cm)
28 pages
full color cover 260 gr carton, black and white 100 gr HVS inside
shipped in stay-flat envelope.