First Cut Is the Deepest

The colorful, pocket-size and flexible Mikisi's signature notebooks now available!
And of course not that pricey as moleskine does.
With new notebook designs, techniques and colors, but still with the same paper, sturdier canvas. Stenciled in very different manner from other mikisi's notebook, any of you would receive different results and designs.
Available in limited editions :)

gunting merah & hijau
gunting (samping)
binding "gunting"

Price: IDR 40.000

Approximately A6 size (11x15 cm)
All rounded corner
84 pages premium color HVS 80 gr in creme.
Cover : stenciled canvas
Hand-bound using long stitch technique (using cotton thread).

All prices are for Indonesian market only. We are using Pos Indonesia express mail (Indonesia only). Please let me know if you need it A.S.A.P. Since we did it all by our both bare hands, probably it will take more time than machine-made. But we promise you it won't be that long, a week maximum.

For international buyers, please drop your queries at hellomikisi[at]gmail[dot]com